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Guardians are appointed by the Court to care for those who cannot care for themselves. Guardianship is a drastic solution to a very difficult situation. Court-appointed Guardians are responsible for the personal care and/or the financial affairs of their Wards. At the Law Office of Cynthia Hayes Hutchins, P.C., we handle guardianship cases involving minor children and adults with disabilities. We help clients seeking to obtain Guardianship of their loved ones and work with Guardians to help them understand and fulfill of their legal responsibilities.

Becoming the Guardian of a Minor

Minor children who have lost their parents or have been abused or neglected are in need of the protection of a Guardian with Court oversight. Family members can petition the Court for Guardianship when there is concern for the safety or well-being of the minor child. Attorney Cindy Hutchins is skilled in assisting clients in all types of Guardianship proceedings. She understands how important it is for children to have Trustworthy Guardians to watch over and protect them, and she works closely with clients to guide them through the ongoing Guardianship process. Lawyer Cindy Hutchins assists her clients in preparing and presenting to the Court the Annual Guardianship Reports and Guardianship Accountings.

Becoming the Guardian of a Disabled Adult

When the mental competence of a parent or loved one is in question, we can help you petition the Court for Guardianship. Whether it is the result of illness, injury, or substance abuse, adults who cannot properly care for themselves may need a legal Guardian. At the Law Office of Cynthia Hayes Hutchins, P.C., we work with clients to obtain Guardianship of incompetent adults. We also assist clients in contested guardianship cases, including challenges to determination of incapacity, and competing petitions for guardianship.

Making Guardianship Plans for Dependent Loved Ones

When you have minor children or you are responsible for the care of an adult with a disability, effective estate planning is very important. Creating a will to nominate a Guardian for your dependents ensures your wishes for the care of your loved ones are expressed. At the Law Office of Cynthia Hayes Hutchins, P.C., we are experienced in assisting clients with Guardianship matters. We can help you create the necessary legal documentation to express your Guardianship wishes and assist in establishing the proper trusts to provide financially for your dependents.

If you are interested in making Guardianship plans for your dependent loved ones, are concerned about the mental competence of a loved one, or wish to contest a Guardianship proceeding, contact us to schedule a meeting. From our Wheaton office, we help individuals and families throughout DuPage County including Glen Ellyn, Naperville, Warrenville, Winfield, Lombard, Carol Stream, Glendale Heights, Bloomingdale and Lisle.

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